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Welcome to Uvalde Little League



Uvalde Little League is a non-profit organization run solely by dedicated volunteers.

We provide a healthy environment for the youth of our community to play ball, meet new friends and build self-confidence and self-esteem.

Our focus is to encourage participation, develop character and discipline, promote 
teamwork, and advocate citizenship and community pride.

We strive to provide quality instruction in the development of baseball/softball skills, sportsmanship, honesty, loyalty, courage, competitiveness and fair play.

Uvalde Little League is committed to enriching the lives of our youth and fostering a love of the game.

I trust in God, I love my country and will respect its laws, I will play fair, and strive to win, but win or lose, I will always do my Best.

I will teach all children to play fair and do their best, I will positively support all managers, coaches, and players, I will respect the decisions of the umpires, I will praise a good effort despite the outcome of the game.

PO Box 1662 

Uvalde, Texas 78802

2024 President
Alonzo Sanchez

Email: [email protected]
Phone: 830.876.6822


Uvalde Little League

Local and Ground Rules


Article I



The purpose of the Uvalde Little League (ULL) is to implant in our youth the ideals of sportsmanship, honesty, loyalty, courage, and respect for leadership


The Board of Directors shall be governed by the Constitution of the League on record in Williamsport, PA.  The Uvalde Little League operating rules and bylaws shall be approved by a majority vote of the Board of Directors.  Following adoption of these rules by the Board, they may only be changed upon the concurring vote of the majority of the Board.  These rules pertain to all Uvalde Little League.


The ULL operating rules are constructed in a manner intended to conform to the operating regulations and playing rules of Little League Baseball.  ULL is a chartered component of Little League Baseball and intends to continue as such.

1.       Wherever those rules stand silent, the regulations and playing rules of ULL shall be followed.  Wherever those rules are in conflict with the Little League Operating Manual, the Little League regulations and rules shall prevail.

2.       Whenever the ULL engages in regular season and interleague play with another chartered title little league, the division involved, shall play by interleague rules as may be negotiated with the other league and approved by the Board.  Interleague rules shall take precedence over these Operative Rules.

The Local rules, ground rules, and bylaws of ULL shall expire at the end of each fiscal year, can be changed and voted on by the active Board, and are not considered part of the Uvalde Little League Constitution.

Article II


The fiscal year of ULL shall be from October 1 to September 30 of each calendar year.

Article III


A reasonable Little League participation fee may be assessed as parent’s obligation to assure the operational continuity of the ULL.  The fees may change year to year.  The current fees are set as follows:

General Membership/Volunteer fee:      $1.00

Player Fees:

              First Child:          T-ball/Coach Pitch                                                      $80.00

                                           Minor/Major/Junior                                                  $85.00

              Maximum cost per family                                                                     $250.00

Team Sponsorship fees:

              Silver Level (team jersey and team plaque)                                      $300.00

              Gold Level (team jersey, team plaque, 4X6 banner, website)              $600.00

ULL will not deny any child a chance to play baseball or softball due to financial hardship.  ULL will make available either full or partial scholarships, that will be voted on by the Board, to assist with player fees.  ULL will look for sponsorship to assist in scholarships.  The scholarship program will cover registration fees only.

Article III


All Board Members will:

1.       Will uphold the mission of little league

2.       Will uphold fair competition and not use their position on the board to influence outcomes of draft, games, or all-star selections

3.       Will uphold the little league rule book, local by-laws, and any board ruling

4.       Will meet attendance requirements for board meetings, work-days, general registrations, coaches/parents meetings, all-star registrations, and all-star tournament duties when hosting.

5.       If a board member misses 3 consecutive meetings and or functions without prior approval of President, they will be removed from board and President may appoint someone to that position.

6.       Any and all members should be prepared to be placed on any number of committees to assist the overall board in instances of disciplinary action or protest.

7.       Board members with a conflict of interest should recuse them self from voting or participation in a committee as appropriate.

8.       The executive board will be composed of the following: President, Baseball Vice President, Softball Vice President, Baseball Player Agent, Softball Player Agent, Secretary, and Treasurer. 

Election of Board Members:

  1. A nominating committee shall be established 1 month before an election.  The committee will consist of 3 board members. The Nominating Committee’s purpose is to ensure that there will be enough persons interested in being on the Board of Directors to fill all the possible positions. Its purpose is NOT to limit the potential number of nominees. It should also attempt to ensure that there are enough persons interested in individual positions as officers on the board.
  2. Proper written notice stating date, place and time shall be given to all regular members in good standing ten (10) days in advance of the date the election is to be held.
  3. All regular members must have paid their membership dues and they must be active and be in good standing to be eligible to vote and/or become a nominee for election to the Board of Directors.
  4. When the election portion of the annual meeting takes place, the first order of business is to determine if a quorum is present.
  5. Once quorum is established, it is proper to determine how many members are to be elected to the board. The local constitution establishes a number that should be elected but this number can be increased or decreased depending on need by a two-thirds majority of the board members present.
  6. After the number of Directors to be elected has been determined, the nominating committee will report and present the established required number of candidates who have been screened and have accepted to serve if elected.
  7. After the nominating committee’s report is accepted, the nominations shall be opened to the floor and any regular member may nominate another regular member as a candidate for election to the Board of Directors.
  8. After the membership present has completed their efforts to nominate additional members, the nomination procedure will be closed by affirmation of the membership.
  9. Every regular member will receive one ballot and will list the names of eligible candidates in the number to be elected determined previously in the meeting.
  10. The appointed Election Chairman, the clerks and tellers will gather and count the ballots. The total number of ballots shall be no more than the number of members present.
  11. The persons in the number specified to be elected who have the highest number of votes by a majority vote (50 percent +1 or more) shall become the new Board of Directors.
  12. Following the election, the board shall meet as a body and elect the officers of the board from within the membership of the board.
  13. The Secretary of the board, as the first official responsibility, shall notify Little League International, the Regional Director and the District Administrator of the election and the identity of the officers so proper communications may commence with the new Board of Directors on or after October 1st, or whenever the fiscal cycle begins for the local league.



Article IV


All managers, coaches, and volunteers who provide regular services to ULL or have repetitive access or contact with players and teams must complete and submit an official “Little League Volunteer Application,” to the board of directors and satisfactorily complete a background check.  Refusal or failing to submit a fully completed application will result in the immediate dismissal of the individual from the league.  Volunteers can include, but not limited to:  managers, coaches, umpires, team moms, concession workers, parents who assist at practice, and Board of Directors.

All managers and coaches are responsible to help on work days, check playing conditions, and clean and rake field following their respective games.  Mangers and coaches from both teams should work together to line and mark the fields before the games and also to return equipment and bases to the storage room after games.

Minor and Major Baseball managers MUST keep track of pitch count sheets and place them in binder located in press box immediately after the game.  Pitch count sheet MUST be signed by umpire and opposing coach.

Minor and Major Baseball and Softball scorebook MUST be used and signed by umpire immediately after the game.

All managers and coaches MUST attend a coach meeting and sign code of conduct rules.

All teams will be assigned umpiring duties at some time.  Managers and coaches will be required to fulfill these duties.  Failure to fulfill duties will result in a one game suspension for the manager.


Any volunteer who is arrested for any felony offense or any offense involving moral turpitude shall report the arrest to the Board within 72 hours.  Any volunteer who is convicted, pleads guilty or no contest, or receives deferred adjudication for such an offense shall also report that event to the Board within 72 hours.  The Board will discuss such violations within 48 hours of notification.

Moral turpitude includes but is not limited to:

1.       Dishonesty, fraud, deceit, theft, misrepresentation

2.       Deliberate violence

3.       Base, bile, or depraved acts that are intended to arouse or gratify the sexual desire of the actor

4.       Felony possession, transfer, sale, distribution, or conspiracy to possess, transfer, sell or distribute any controlled substances.

5.       Acts constituting public intoxication, operating a motor vehicle while under the influence of alcohol/drugs, or disorderly conduct, if any two or more acts are committed within any 12-month period

6.       Acts constituting abuse under the Texas Family Code.

Managers will be responsible for the conduct of the themselves, their coaches, team players and parents of the team members.  Manager and coaches will abide by the Coaches Code of Conduct.  It is important that managers and coaches understand the responsibility and potential they have to mold and influence child’s life, their impression of adults, the sport of baseball, and youth sports in general.  Any public display of physical or verbal abuse towards players, parents, coaches, umpires, board members, or league volunteers are grounds for disciplinary action.

An ejection from a game or league complex of player, manager, coach, volunteer, parent and/or fan due to unsportsmanlike conduct will be followed up and brought to the attention of the Board.  The meeting will consist of the board, the manager, and the person involved on a case by case bases for status review.  Upon review of the violation, the individual can have action taken against them by the Board.

Any person in violation of any of the Official Little League Rules and ULL bylaws may result in disciplinary action by the Board in accordance with those rules.  Additional penalties may be levied by the Board.  This is at the discretion of the board.  Anonymous allegations will be discarded unless they can be documented or corroborated in writing through independent means.

Action levels to be taken by the Board include but not limited to:

1.       Consultation with the league President

2.       Letter of Reprimand from the Board

3.       Suspension of volunteer from participating in games

4.       Suspension of the volunteer for remainder of the season

5.       Not favorably considered for future Little League Appointments

6.       Dismissal from any and all ULL activities

Article V


The actions, on or off the field, of players, managers, coaches, umpires, and league officials must be above reproach.  Any player, manager, coach, umpire, or league representative who is involved in a verbal or physical altercation, or an incident of unsportsmanlike conduct, at the game site or any other Little League activity including through online or social media, is subject to disciplinary action by the Board of Directors.

Disciplinary action for player misconduct will be handled on a case-by-case basis by the disciplinary committee.

The disciplinary committee is composed of the Baseball and Softball Player Agent and the President.

Article VI


Umpiring is one of the most important and often overlooked aspects of the Little League program.  We are lucky in ULL to have volunteer umpires and they are as much a part of Little League as any other volunteer.

Umpires MUST sign scorebooks (Baseball/Softball) and pitch count sheets (Baseball) in order for compensation.

Little League feels there is no sound reason for paying umpires or any other person volunteering.  While the Board agrees with Little League, there are situations during the season to pay a reasonable fee to the umpires.  The Board has given authority to the President and Umpire-in-Chief to determine a reasonable fee to be paid upon completion of services.  A reasonable fee may be paid for umpires when volunteer services cannot be met in the Minor, Major, and Junior/Senior Divisions.  Umpires will only be paid when they are in full uniform, use appropriate equipment, and are in the proper position to call the game; i.e. umpire responsible for balls and strikes will call from behind home plate.

The Umpire-in-Chief will make umpiring assignments for all games.  Only ULL approved managers, coaches, umpires or individuals approved by the Umpire-in-Chief will be allowed to umpire both home and bases.  Managers and coaches will adhere to the following guidelines.

1.       A qualified umpire is one who knows the rules of Little League (baseball/softball) and can conduct themselves in accordance with Little League Rules and Regulations.  Managers will be given a rule book before the season and are expected to read and study the rules.

2.       The home plate umpire is in charge of the field of play at all times.  Managers and Coaches will follow protocol for speaking with umpires.

3.       All managers must attend a Coaches Clinic.  Managers will not receive their league equipment if they have not attended a clinic.  Managers will be responsible for passing information learned to their coaches.

4.       Umpiring duties may be assigned to coaches in the following ways:

a.       T-ball/Coach Pitch:  no umpires will be needed

b.       Minor Divisions:  The managers and coaches will assist at the minor level.  One paid umpire behind the plate, and one manager/coach on the bases.

c.       Major Divisions:  The managers and coaches will assist at the major level.  One paid umpire behind the plate, and on manager/coach on the bases.

d.       Managers and coaches will assist the Umpire-in-Chief as needed, on any level.

5.       When a team is assigned umpire duty, a representative for that team must show up to assist the plate umpire.  In cases where umpire(s) do not show or failure to provide umpires, the manager of the team assigned to umpire duty will be subject to assuming the next available duties of the two participating teams of the game missed.  Intentional or multiple violations will result in game suspension of the manger for the next game.  Missed umpire duty will be recorded and used for consideration for tournament team coaches and future Little League positions.

6.       If a team wants to trade umpire duty with another team, to reassign that responsibility, the division coordinator must be notified within 24 hours prior to the game.  Failure to notify will result in the originally assigned team being held responsible for umpire duties.

7.       Exceptions will be permitted by the umpire-in-chief or the league president to appoint emergency substitutes when necessary.  This emergency appointment does not relieve the manager or coach of their responsibilities.

8.       Verification of the baseball pitch count will be confirmed by the umpires with the team’s scorekeeper in the middle of each inning, and upon the removal/change/retire of each pitcher.  This applies to the minor divisions and above.  The manager will be responsible for ensuring that the pitch count is accurate.

9.       The official scorebook keeper will be the HOME team for rulings on the field by umpires.  The official pitch count log will be kept by the VISITING team.




A.      Division alignment (may be adjusted depending upon the registration numbers)

1.       T-ball

a.       4-year-old

b.       5 and 6-year-old

2.       Softball Divisions

a.       Coach Pitch 6-8-year-old

b.       Minor Girls 8-10-year-old

c.       Major Girls 10-12-year-old

d.       Junior/Senior League 13-15-year-old

-          A 15 year old may be permitted to play in juniors if no school option is available, however, this player may not be permitted to pitch

3.       Baseball Divisions

a.       Coach Pitch 6-8-year-old

b.       Minor Boys 8-10-year-old

c.       Major Boys 10-12-year-old

d.       Junior/Senior Boys 13-15-year-old

-          A 15 year old may be permitted to play in juniors if no school option is available, however, this player may not be permitted to pitch.

B.      Tryouts and Drafting

1.       Tryouts and Player selection (draft) will be conducted according to the Little League Operating Manual for baseball and softball divisions.  Times and dates will be set by the Board, and Directors of baseball and softball will be responsible for conducting tryouts.

2.       There will be no tryouts for t-ball and coach pitch.

3.       Tryouts include:

a.       Hitting and Base Running

b.       Fielding:  Ground ball, pop fly and throwing

c.       Pitching and Catching

4.       Request for Change of Division

a.       A letter of justification from the parent or guardian must be submitted to the player agent

b.       Requests will be considered, provided they are received in timely manner for proper review and action

c.       In instances when a child is requesting to move down in division a try out is still strongly recommended so board members and coaches can assess player potential

d.       In instances when a child is requesting to move up in division a try out is mandatory.  If the player missed the general tryout, a private tryout will be arranged

e.       Requests to move a player will ultimately be at the discretion of the board

5.       Tryouts for the minor and major divisions will occur on the same day.  All managers for these divisions should be present on this day.

6.       The draft for the MAJOR leagues will occur as follows:

a.      Returning teams will stay together if they have a manager or coach is returning.

b.      New managers to the division will go first in the draft and they will draw numbers from a hat to determine 1st, 2nd, 3rd, etc.

c.       The winning team manager from the previous season will go last and the losing team manager will go first AFTER the new managers. For example, if there are two new managers they will draw for first and second in the draft sequence. If there are three returning team managers they will draft in the order they placed in the previous season: last place will be third, second place will be fourth, and first place will be last in the draft sequence.

d.      Manager option will be listed 3rd.

e.      Coach’s option will be listed 6th.

f.        Sibling option will be listed last.

g.       Returning players who are not returning as a team with a coach or manager will be drafted first.

h.      Remaining players will be drafted by age. For example, all 12-year-olds will be drafted first, then 10-year-olds, etc.

i.        Players who did not try out will have their names placed in a hat by the age order. For example, all 12-year-olds who didn’t try out will be placed in a hat and drawn to finish the 12-year-old draft, then 10-year-olds, etc.

7.       The draft for the MINOR, JUNIOR, SENIOR leagues will occur as follows:

a.        Number of teams will be based on registration numbers

b.       Teams will ideally have an equal number of players and age groups.

c.       It will be at the boards discretion to allow any player that does not attend tryout to be eligible to play.

d.       If a release or trade is requested, they must present a letter of such request to the player agent at registration prior to tryouts.  If a release is requested, a tryout must be made by the player and he/she may be drafted by any team except the one he was released from.  If a trade is requested, then a tryout will not be required if the managers involved can work a fair trade.

a.       Draft order:

                                                                                       i.      Managers will draw numbers out of hat for draft order.

1.       Manager option will be listed 3rd

2.       Coach’s option will be listed 6th

3.       Sibling option will be listed last

4.       Players will be drafted by age. For example, all 10-year-olds will be drafted first, then 9-year-olds, etc.

5.       Players who do not try out will have their names placed in a hat by age order.  For example, all 10-year-olds who didn’t try out will be placed in a hat and drawn to finish the 10-year-olds draft, then 9-year-olds, etc.

e.       It will be to the discretion of the Board if a request for release or a trade is official.

C.       Replacement players

1.       When a player is lost to a team during the playing season for any of the following reasons:

a.       He/she moves to another city or state to far to commute for practice and play

b.       He/she is injured and will not be able to return to play with 50% or more remaining games

c.       He/she has for personal reasons decided to terminate association with the team

d.       Any other justifiable reasons reviewed and approved by the Board

2.       The manager of the team losing the player should notify the player agent within 24 hours.

3.       The vacancy shall be filled according to Regulation III (d) per Board approval

4.       Upon notification and approved of vacancy, the manager shall have 48 hours to select a replacement player, if there is a waiting list.

5.       When a major league roster falls below the prescribed amount, and permission has been granted, the manager can choose a stand-by replacement.

6.       Managers who fail to notify the player agent or president will be disciplined by the board and will forfeit that position for the remainder of the season.

7.       All league players must be in the uniform provided by the league (shirt and cap).

Article VIII


ULL will operate its season under the official regulations and playing rules for all divisions.  The board has voted to approve the following exceptions.


The Official Regulations and Playing Rules of Little League shall apply and be followed in all divisions except as amended or stated in these Local League Rules.  Local League Rules DO NOT apply to post season tournament play or interleague play.


1.       In all leagues, an active/practice is defined when 4 or more players from the same team meet for an organized event in which baseball/softball is practiced, played or discussed between a manager/coaches and parents/players

2.       In T-ball the limit will be one hour, and in Coach Pitch the limit will be one hour and 15 minutes

3.       The Umpire will signal the official start time for Major/Minor/Senior divisions, and the official start time should coincide with the scheduled start time.

4.       In the interest of safety in all divisions, a batter will receive one warning for throwing a bat.  This will be a team warning.  If any player on that team throws a bat after the team warning is issued, the player will be called out, and the ball will be considered dead.  Managers and scorekeepers will be notified.  The second time this happens, the player may be ejected from the game at the discretion of the umpire.  This applies to each batter.

5.       Complaints or protests of any nature must be in writing and signed in order to be considered.  The complaint or protest should be submitted to the league player agent/president, who will investigate as the circumstances warrant.

6.       Minor Division will adhere to Little League Rule 4.04 Note1: use continuous batting order.

7.       The run rules will be utilized in the competitive divisions per the Official Little League Guidelines.

a.       Little League Run Rule 4.10(e) 15 runs after 3 innings, 10 runs after 4 innings


1.       Both teams will be responsible for making and preparing the field before and after each game.

2.       Both teams are responsible for ensuring that all trash is removed from the dugout and around the field at the end of each game.

3.       Failure to comply with the above rules will result in suspension of the Manager for the next game.


1.       Each team can have 1 manager and 2 coaches provided they are over 18 years of age, unless permission is granted by the League President and the Division Vice President.

2.       Each team is allowed a maximum of 3 activities per week.

3.       Two coaches may be on the field when their team goes on defense.

4.       One coach must be in the dug-out at all times.

5.       All players on the roster will bat in a continuous order as listed by the manager each inning, regardless of outs made.

6.       All players on the roster will be given a defensive position each inning.

7.       All players must rotate defensive positions each inning.

8.       All baserunners will be allowed to learn how to advance the bases.

9.       Runners will only advance one base on a hit ball.  On a well hit ball, the runners may advance two bases.

10.   Players that hit a home run will allowed to clear the bases.

11.   The position of the catcher will be eliminated for safety reasons

12.   There will be a 1-hour time frame for games.

13.   No official score will be kept.

14.   There are no protests in t-ball.


Highlighted in red are tournament rules


1.1 Bases: The bases are set 50-60 feet apart. 

1.2 Pitcher’s Mound: The pitching mound may be in the center of the infield 35 feet from home plate. 

1.3 Bat:

1.4 Cleats: Metal Cleats are not permitted. 

1.5 Catchers: Any player crouching behind home plate must be wearing the proper protective equipment, including a cup. 

1.6 Regulation League ball will be provided for all games. 






3.1. Each team can have 1 manager and 2 coaches provided they are over 18 years of age, unless permission is granted by the League President, and Division Vice President

3.2 Each team is allowed a maximum of 4 activities per week.

3.3 Two coaches may be on the field of play when their team goes on defense.

3.4 A team must have at least eight (8) players present.

3.5. 1 Out will be applied to every at bat for teams with 8 players.

3.6. If applicable, ten (10) players shall be placed on the field. 

a.       1 catcher, 1 pitcher, 4 infielders, 4 (3,2) outfielders

3.7. Winner of coin flip will determine if team is home or visitor.

3.5. Scores will be kept for tournament play only.



4.1. A regulation game is 6 innings or 1 hour 15 Minutes, whichever comes first. No inning shall start after time has expired.

4.2. Base Coaches: There may be adult coaches in the first and third base coaching boxes when the team is at bat. 

4.3 Tie Breaker- California Rule will be applied until winner is determined.

4.4. When time limit has expired, inning may be finished.



5.1. The end of a half inning will occur when one of the following first occurs: 

5.1.1. Three (3) defensive outs are made. 

5.1.2 or team batting scores (5) five runs.   

5.2. Time out may be called only by an ump after lead runner has been stopped and ball is in control of an infielder. The umpire must recognize and grant the time out to stop play. 

5.3. The infield fly rule does not apply. 



6.1. A league approved batting helmet must be worn while hitting. 

6.2. The batter gets five (5) pitches to put the ball in play. 

6.3. Unlimited foul balls on and after 5th pitch

6.4. A hit batter is considered a pitched ball. The batter does not take first base. 

6.5. Bunting is not allowed. 



7.1 The runner may advance 1 base after a missed throw towards first base with the understanding he may be put out.

7.2. Lead-offs and base stealing is illegal. 

7.3. Batting helmets must be worn while running the bases. 

7.4. Interference will not be called unless it is deliberate and/or willful. 

7.5. If there is a play on the runner at any base, the runner must slide or avoid contact. A play is when the defensive player is within 5 feet of the base with the ball or in place to receive a thrown ball. If the runner does not slide and there is contact with the defensive player, the runner is called out (a defensive out). Deliberate barreling at any base will result in ejection from the game. 

7.6. A player who has made an out cannot remain on the base and must return to the bench. 



8.1. The team at bat will provide an adult who will pitch the ball with an overhand delivery. (Optional underhand for Softball.)

8.2 Each batter will receive 5 pitches from the coach who will be standing on the pitching rubber and standing on 2 feet or on 1 knee.  Additional pitches can be thrown if the batter foul tips the 5th pitch. 

8.3. The adult coach must make every attempt to avoid interference with a ball in play.

8.4 If interference is intentional, an out is awarded to the batting team.

                            a. if 3rd out, the batter will remain for their teams next at bat.

8.5. If a struck ball makes unintentional contact with pitching coach it is considered a dead ball, all must return to their base before ball was struck. “The Count” remains the same.



1.       Will play by the Rule book with time limit exceptions

2.       Each team will be allowed 1 manager, and 2 coaches.  They must be over the age of 18, unless permission is granted by the League President and the Division Vice President.  One coach must be in the dugout at all times.

3.       Each team may have a maximum of 5 activities per week.

4.       All players on the roster will bat in a continuous batting order as listed by the manager.

5.       A maximum of 5 runs can be scored per inning up until the 5th inning.  After the 5th inning scoring is open.

6.       The special pinch runner rule no longer applies at this level.

7.       All games will have a time limit of 2 hours starting from the scheduled game time.  For example, 6:00PM game will have no inning starting after 8:00PM.

8.       The result of the game is final when the umpire calls the game.

9.       Standings will be based on Wins (1 point), Ties (0.5 point), and loses (0 point)


1.       Will play by Rule book with time limit exceptions.

2.       Each team will be allowed 1 manager and 2 coaches.  They must be over the age of 18, unless permission is granted by the League President and the Division Vice President.  One coach must be in the dugout at all times.

3.       Each team may have a maximum of 5 activities per week.

4.       All games will have a 2.5-hour time limit.  For example, 6:00pm game will end at 8:30PM.

5.       No inning shall start after 10:00pm.

6.       If a double header is required there will be a 2-hour time limit.

7.       The result of the game is final when the umpire calls the game.

8.       Standings will be based on Wins (1 point), Ties (0.5 point), and Loses (0 point)



1.       Will play by rule book with time limit exceptions

2.       Each team will be allowed 1 manager and 2 coaches.  They must be over the age of 18, unless permission is granted by the League President and the Division Vice President.  One coach must be in the dugout at all times.

3.       Each team may have a maximum of 5 activities per week.

4.       All games will have a 2.5-hour time limit.  For example, 6:00pm game will end at 9:00pm.

5.       No inning will start after 10:00pm.

6.       The result of the game is final when the umpire calls the game

7.       Standings will be based on Wins (1 point), Ties (0.5 point), and Loses (0 point)


1.       Will play by rule book with time limit exceptions

2.       Each team will be allowed 1 manager and 2 coaches.  They must be over the age of 18, unless permission is granted by the League President and the Division Vice President.  One coach must be in the dugout at all times.

3.       Each team may have a maximum of 5 activities per week.

4.       All games will have a 3-hour time limit.  For example, 6:00pm game will end at 9:00pm.

5.       No inning will start after 10:00pm.

6.       If a double header is required there will be a 2-hour time limit.

7.       The result of the game is final when the umpire calls the game

8.       Standings will e based on Wins (1 point), Ties (0.5 point), and Loses (0 point)


1.       The league champions for the Minor Divisions and above will be determined as follows:

a.       Teams will be selected based on number of games won and lost for the season.

b.       The team with the best record will play against the team with the second-best record.

c.       The team with the best record will be the home team, the team with second best record will be the away team.

d.       If there is not a clear delineation for the first and second best teams the championship teams shall be determine by

i.         A playoff if time permits

ii.       Run differential with official books being reviewed by the VP of Baseball/Softball and all managers present







Article IX


Managers and Team Selection

1.       The first-place team manager for each division may be selected as the tournament team Manager upon Board approval.  Manager conduct and decorum throughout the regular season will be considered for this selection, and the Board reserves the right to chose a manager in the best interest of representing Uvalde in Tournament play.  Once approved, the manager may select his coaches.  Each tournament team will have 1 manager, and 2 coaches.  The coaches are subject to the same level of scrutiny as the manager and must be approved by the Board.  Winning first place does not guarantee selection.

2.       Only the manager can attend for player nomination and may substitute an assistant coach from their team in case they cannot attend selection.

3.       Only the President, player agent, and one board member (not an Allstar Coach) can conduct tournament team selection for each division that qualified for tournament play.

4.       The Board has the option to determine the number of teams in each division.  Generally speaking the divisions are as follows:

a.       Minors 8-10-year-old

b.       Majors 9-11-year-old

c.       Majors 10-12-year-old

d.       50/70 12-13-year-old

e.       Juniors 13-14-year-old

f.        Seniors 14-16-year-old

5.       Regular season team managers will fill rosters by submitting player candidates, and vote by secret ballot.

6.       Managers should choose player candidates based on regular season statistics, sportsmanship, and behavior.

7.       The tournament team managers will determine the number of players on the rosters with a maximum of 14.

8.       All tournament teams will be reviewed and approved by ULL Board of Directors.

Player Selection

1.       All managers in each division will vote by secret ballot

2.       Players with the most votes will make the tournament team

3.       The Player Agent and a designated Board member (not an Allstar Manager/Coach) will supervise the draft for the tournament teams.

4.       Managers will confirm a player’s commitment to the tournament team prior to the draft.

5.       The Player Agent will generate a list of eligible players for each division to provide to the managers prior to the draft.

6.       A tryout for all eligible players will be held using the same procedures as the regular season team tryouts.

7.       Managers will nominate players for the team based on season player statistics, player conduct and attitude, input from assistant coaches, player reliability and commitment, and observations made from the tryouts. The Player Agent can also nominate players.

8.       Managers will vote via secret ballot. The Player Agent and designated Board member will count the votes. The players with the most votes will then try-out (20 Max).

9.       Alternates will be listed based on the votes and will be used as replacements if needed.

10.   Manager selected for All-Star team will then choose the to 12-14 players.

11.   All nominated players (20 max) MUST tryout for Allstar selection and have zero disciplinary issues on record.


The uniform committee will be responsible for selection of the All-Star Uniforms and approved by the Board.  No manager or coach of any All-Star team may solicit or make uniform arrangements.  Any requests by a manager/coach must be taken before the Board.  Failing to do so could result in disciplinary action by the Board.

Uniforms, as designated by the Board, will be provided by ULL for all selected teams.

Article X


To aid divisions that are having difficulty getting enough players for their regular season teams the following option is available:

1.       Pool Player

a.       A pool of players consisting of players from existing teams is created, and a player may be selected at random during the regular season when another team faces a shortage of rostered players.

b.       Guidelines:

-          The League’s player agent will create and run the pool.

-          The Player agent will use the pool to assign players to teams that are short of players on a rotating basis

-          Managers will not have the right to randomly pick and choose players from the pool

-          Players used from the pool will not be allowed to pitch, except during their own regular scheduled games

-          Pool players that are called and show up at the game site must play at least nine consecutive defensive outs and bat at least once.

Article XI


All equipment issued is for ULL use only.  Team managers are responsible for the equipment issued to his/her team.  No league equipment will be given to players.  All managers will return their equipment on the day/night of their last game of the season.  If not returned the manager will be responsible to pay ULL $200.00.  This includes managers of All-Star Teams.  All-Star equipment will be issued separately to the All-Star Manager.




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